A few weeks ago, I dropped the bomb on all of us that we are closing the retail store. I don’t want to say that it was a “last minute” decision, however, I did give myself up to the last minute to mentally prepare for what that announcement would mean to our staff, customers and community. Nothing I did to prepare myself, however, could have prepared the team and I for the overwhelming support, emotions and heartfelt story telling that has occurred in these past weeks. I for one, am humbled.

I am overwhelmed by your kind words, and the time that you have taken to express them. Whether you sent an email or text, or stopped by in person to share your emotions and feelings for our team and what our store has meant to you, it has been a blessing to each of us. You have, once again, amazed me! Lynn has a few famous quotes from her 5 years at Y&M, and the one that we all repeat is- “How lucky are we? We have the best customers!”

You are truly the best people- EVER!

When I conjured up the idea of Yours & Meyn (well over 15 years ago) I envisioned a place where people would feel at home, they would meander through a beautiful array of curated items that would ‘speak’ to them, while they share stories of what their homes mean to them. They would dream of what the space could meld into for their families and friends, we’d discuss the  pieces that were cherished and those that could not stay…for one more minute… and from those conversations we would begin the process of designing their new space or home.

Fast forward all these years and that is exactly what we did & do- and then some! We have designed homes from Crystal Lake to Chicago, and from Colorado to Florida back north past Lake Geneva and everywhere in between- overwhelming, isn’t it? And to quote Lynn again- “We are more than just a store”-she put into words the vision that I saw all those years ago. I, however, only had a vision of the dream- it was each one of you that made the vision come to fruition. We nurtured, but your nature took us to places that I did not imagine. Sure I have a passion for all things HOME and we have assembled a team of women that care deeply for each other and you- but it is our customers and clients (that’s you) that have made all of those thoughts and dreams continue for these past 10 years!

Your sense of community, your willingness to support your local businesses, your open-caring style is what makes our downtown and all of Crystal Lake an incredibly special place. There is something magical about the Midwest and the people that reside here. Whether it is our hard-working history or the resiliency of its people (that may have something to do with our winters) there is just something special about Illinoisans. I know you’ve had this happen: You are traveling, perhaps thousands of miles away and you hear a Chicago “accent” or you see a Cubs or Sox hat, you know you have met a new friend. It is a truly remarkable connection. 

I ask myself often, will I be able to make the same type of connections here in Tampa? Honestly, I don’t know, but I know I must try. After all, you all know I need Social Time! The one thing I know about me, is I have a need to make people feel welcome- whether in their home or mine- and all of you showed me that it is important to share that hospitality. As I continue the next steps of this journey called life, I know that hosting others will be an important step to take. I will continue to watch for those Cubs hats through the haze of Yankee caps that swarm the Tampa area, and when I find one, I know I will have a connection.

As our Team continues the process of placing our beautiful products in your homes and we share the stories about our time together, I want you to know that each conversation, photo of your home, and hug we share will stay with each of us for a lifetime- after all- How Lucky are we to have met each other?!