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>Thursday, May 9th from 5-7PM<
This month’s event is for our birthday! Help us celebrate nine years of serving you the best in all things home! We can not believe we are going into our 10th year of business and we’re so grateful to you for allowing us to do what we love. Find out more>> here !
We are heading into summer with bright colorful art gracing our walls and lanterns galore for the outdoor dining and design. Come shop our stunning new summer merchandise- it’ll be rejuvenating!
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Being a full service Interior Design Studio and Retail Store allows us to truly assist you in all aspects of creating your ideal space. Our talented team of In-Store Home Stylists provide you with on-the-spot design assistance and our Interior Designers provide in-home consults for projects big and small. Make 2019 the year of your dream home – call the store today!




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What’s on Mary’s mind?


“May is the month we celebrate a very special person or persons in our lives…MOM. We all have a mom, she may be a Heavenly mom, an out of the picture mom, a mom that you couldn’t live one hour of the day without kind of mom- no matter how you live life with your mom- she is special. For me, this will be my second Mother’s Day without my mom and there isn’t a day that goes by that she isn’t thought of. May also marks the 18 th year since the passing of my dad- he too was a super special man. So, I thought I would share some of the things that each of these special people taught me in life.

Stubbornness- Yep, got that from both! Although, sometimes being stubborn also means…” Continue Reading







Picture reference: House & Home


As the weather is finally turning toward spring and summer, it’s time to consider the exterior of your home. I always find it refreshing to be able to spend more time outside. Entertaining friends and family is the perfect excuse to refresh and style your outdoor spaces. The first space beautify is my front porch. The reason for this is because it’s the first thing people see including folks walking their dog and general traffic. Something else to consider is the perceived value of your home. If the exterior and the front of the house is well kept, more than likely the interior will be as well.

Start with a good cleaning of the entrance to your home. This includes washing down the door and repainting it if necessary. I tend to set out a small seating arrangement of two chairs and a small side table. From there I like to bring in greenery and large planters to soften the space and make it more inviting. The best tip I can give for decorating a front porch is to go BIG. The easiest way to check if sizing of the embellishments are correct is to take a stroll down to the sidewalk. Look at the scale of the home and see if the pieces selected are big enough to make an impact from the road. Found objects like funky dried wood or vintage bicycles with a basket planter or even a wagon with planted flowers are fun pieces to incorporate and welcome visitors.

Let’s be honest, if the front porch is as far as you get, that is okay! Quick tips for the back deck or porch are to bring the indoors out. I like to create a space that feels like a cabana. Think indoor/outdoor or washable curtains hung from a simple rod made of anything. Lightweight fabric can even be stapled to your home in a real pinch. Don’t forget the pillows! Outdoor furniture isn’t always the most comfortable so embellish the seating with comfortable pillows. Creating an intimate environment will make the space feel special. Then I usually drag out my bar cart and fill it with a signature drink for the occasion. Ice cold cucumber water will make any guest feel pampered. Impress guests with one last surprise; incorporate a fire pit for after the sun sets. Have extra blankets ready and use the fire to incorporate desert for the evening. S’mores never disappoint. I hope you found these tips helpful when considering your outdoor spaces. Lastly, don’t be afraid to take risk. I am sure the risk will be well received.

Wendy Rice
Y&M Interior Designer



Are you looking to give your home a noticeable boost but worried about the price tag? Even on a budget, you can do wonders to update the look of your space. Our designers offer these tips on how to do that without breaking the bank:

1. Set your design budget preference
Decide whether you want quality vs. fast-appealing aesthetic. Many of today’s shoppers are leery of investing in a piece of furniture with a price that is more than what they expected. When faced with this, owner Mary Meyn said to keep this break down in mind: the high-quality created piece will last more than 10 years. Take the cost and divide it by 10 (years) and see how much you’re investing in each year to have it.
A designer will use a budget in the areas where quality makes the most financial sense.
“Poor quality decisions can add up to spending more in the long run,” Mary Meyn.

2. Work with designers
Y&M Designers know where to invest your budget and focus it on the right pieces. And their job is to stay within your budget preference while not sacrificing beauty. In the nine years Yours & Meyn, Simply Designed has been in business, Mary Meyn has found the highest-quality pieces in the market at every price point for her clients.

“One advantage to working with a designer is that we are able to work with a budget and placing value in the key quality areas of a room,” Meyn said. “Too many people realize too late that they may have spent their entire budget on upholstery and then have to wait to finish the room for years. A designer will allot dollars to every component of your room making sure that we complete the project in full.”

3. Custom doesn’t necessarily mean expensive
Having something personalized and tailored to your needs simply means designers guide you while the focus remains on you and your home. To that end, we create spaces based on the individual need of the homeowner. Our interior design team can do as little or as much as you need!

*Call or stop by the store to get on-the-spot design assistance with your projects or sign-up for an in-home consult!

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