Have you literally felt like you were in a movie for the past dozen weeks? For some maybe it was Groundhog Day, others a horror film, some a romantic comedy, and others maybe still Survivor- Business Edition or HOMESCHOOL edition! I think I may be having cameo appearances in all of those. Seriously, early on in the pandemic I had the wherewithal to write a list of items, tasks that I should try to accomplish, you know -the Gwyneth Paltrow idea, but with some reality added in- like find all the important papers box from the move (last year) and finish the taxes, and spend 15 minutes a day re-learning the piano (that I had to have moved 1200 miles). Here I am, weeks later and I am analyzing the list.

Here is the reality. I, like you possibly, were filling my early days of Covid-19 with news, mostly negative while seeking only positive. One day, I literally googled- Positive news today…and trust me there was not much to read…and then John Krasinski called, and we came up with this great idea- so he ran with it. Oh sorry, brain slip- I went back to reading many articles only to decide that CLEARLY this was messing with my positive mental attitude, so I decided to only hit the high points each day. Nope nothing positive there either. At that point, we were only on day 7 of Shelter in place…Now some of you are thinking, was this entire event a joke to this woman?? Hardly, but in between applying for loans, making decisions to lay off over half of my team, deciding to close my Colorado location permanently and trying to generate as much (read that as hardly any) revenue, I decided to laugh. Laughing, humor, funny memes, this is what I turned to, to get me through the days. I am not so creative that I generated any funny graphics, but I shared, and I sought out the work of others, so that I could laugh. Just laugh. I knew that fear could not, as much as she was trying, beat out faith. And laughter eases fear for me. How about you?

 And then more history making changes occurred, some positive, some negative and then we stopped laughing.  We are in the midst of deep conversations, emotions and feelings that maybe we find difficult to express in ways that all see as “acceptable”.  We must remind ourselves that these are feelings, they are not right or wrong, and they belong to each of us. We live in America, where we do get to express our opinions, we will not always agree, but again these are opinions we are allowed our own.  Yours & Meyn has and will always show love and care for all, equally.

I also sought out the stories of others, through FB, Instagram, zoom, phone calls, and through it all we were making new adventures! And that is what I think I learned the most from all of this. Connecting to people and making and taking those adventures is what we all need, okay I need. I also learned that I have not done a good job of making new connections in my new city of Tampa.

So here is the moral of my story: Sometimes things happen in a way that clearly shows you where you are meant to be. And I am meant to be in Tampa, making a new life in my not-so-new marriage, with my husband, in a city that he loves, and I am learning to. So, if you made it this far into this reading you should know that you are what I will miss the most. The people. Our customers, my friends. I will miss these connections, more than you could ever imagine, but it is time for me to connect to my new life, in my new city with my old (don’t tell him I said that) husband. It means that in 2 ½ short months we will close our doors that have brought so many amazing people into our lives. Our employees that are now friends, our customers that are now friends and our friends that have come through for us for 10 years of Retail store ownership.  Did COVID-19 cause this to happen, not entirely, but it clearly defined our priorities and God, Family and then work are what I have always tried to follow.

I hope you will understand and then come share your stories of how our business has had an impact on your life, because you have had a profound impact on ours.