We are here! One year from the time my husband took the leap to a new position with a new company in a new city and state…and that city always seems to be green. The perfect month to be talking Green- is March! Green also represents Fresh and New so here goes on what I have found to be cool, odd, exciting and challenging about this new city we call HOME! 

We love our lifestyle! For all of you new Empty-nesters worrying about whether the kids will come home if you downsize or relocate…don’t worry they always find their way home. Well, okay my kids do miss that fabulous house we called home in CL. However, when you own a 100+ year old home, it is only meant to be yours for a time…and then a new lovely family gets to care for it. 

Moving into a new home and city allowed me to recreate the design of our home and our new look. Coming to the south, where the temps are a bit warmer, I decided I wanted to keep things organic, clean and light (notice I didn’t say bright). I was able to change up the bedrooms looks with some new furnishings, added some of the rugs from our previous home and the art and created an entirely new style and design. 

One of my challenges was fitting the furniture from a larger home into this smaller townhome. As a designer, space planning is such a key part of our job, and that skill came in really handy as I made those decisions on what to move or sell ahead of time.  For the main living spaces, we were able to keep things simply classic with a twist of Mid-century and that has allowed us plenty of space for greeting and hanging out with family and the friends that have been able to visit already. But, let’s be honest, most of our time this month will be hanging together outside before that sunshine gets too HOT for this midwestern gal. 

As you know, I have preached about my love of change for years, and that still holds true. The one thing I didn’t think about in moving to someplace new while working remotely was that I would have to get creative about how to meet new people and clients, so that is on my list for March as well. I am settling into a routine that allows me to be HOME longer than a week or 10 days at a time, which allows me an opportunity to be present in this new opportunity. So, when you see me ask me how I am doing with creating those opportunities. I’d better have a great answer! 

As I trade in my snowshoes for sandals this March, I am looking forward to getting my garden growing sooner than May 15th, and as I mentioned Green is everywhere. How’s this for a fun fact, it’s really difficult to find ‘shade’ plants in Tampa. Although, I am still searching for gardening centers like our amazing Countryside in CL, I am happy to say that I will be planting my first planter this month! 

I am sure at this time of year you are not excited about your friend Mary discussing sunshine and sandals, but I am here to tell you- all we are doing is trading different months of the year when we are inside versus out. March has always been that month where we begin to see the newness of life, the crocus starting to pop through the snow and new life begins. It’s an exciting time at y&M as fresh new furniture and products make its way into the shops. I hope you look to March with a fresh new sense of style and excitement, and if you’re not sure where to start anew- stop by the stores, you’ll find fresh everywhere you look at HOME by Yours & Meyn and Yours & Meyn!