It’s August and we are finishing the final days of preparation on our Service League House walk Home. We are so privileged and honored when we are asked to be a part of such a wonderful event. Not just because we get to help put the finishing touches on another beautiful Crystal Lake residence but because of the wonderful services that the League provides to those in need in our area.

Did you know the Service League of Crystal Lake donates 100% of money raised back to those in our community that need it most?

Giving back to those in need, pulling our community together, finding ways to help others- that is what small towns provide and that is just one area that a small business like Yours & Meyn, Simply Designed can help those around us.  Myself and my staff, serve on many boards, charitable organizations, community outreach programs- it’s a part of what we do as strong business women. We don’t do it because we find ourselves with extra time on our hands, or to promote our talents, but to make sure that we are serving areas of need. However big or small of an impact, we do what we can to help.

We also help with events that raise funds that support our Downtown Association, like the Gazebo Dinner that we help organize. As a side note, at the time of this release there are still tickets available for the Raffle- click here to win an amazing dinner for you and 7 friends!  Did you know that the Downtown Association of Crystal Lake brings to the downtown area more than 4000 people for the Johnny Appleseed Festival and more than 2000 children are able to sit on Santa’s Lap? Yep- this amazing group of business owners, volunteers and our Executive Director bring these 2 and so many more events to the community. Again, helping those around us have joy in their life.

Thank you for supporting us and those around us. Community. It’s who we are.