It’s July! Summer is in full swing, we are loving the longer days, the sunny days, the warmer days and we are loving the Freedom to enjoy them all. This month we honor our country for the Freedoms that have been fought for, celebrated and lived by all. We honor the men and women that fight for our Freedom still. We celebrate our family time at ball parks, back yards, on the water or in the woods.  We get to celebrate all of this and so much more.

As a business owner and mom, I thank God and our country that I get to be all I want to be because of the Freedom that America represents. Isn’t that an amazing thing?  What are you doing to celebrate the Freedom America represents? As a community, we represent the greater good, and we support the masses and the minority, we work together to help those in need and those that are too young to have their own voice. We will be “parading” down the street saluting those that protect us every day and those that have given their life to fight for our freedom. I hope that you will be out on the streets thanking our community members for their service.

What are we doing? I’ll be gathering up as many family and friends as I can, I’ll be serving up a dose of thanks, with burgers, brats and some good ol’ RED, WHITE and BLUE! This summer, I am keeping it simple and I’m going to sit back and enjoy everyone that gathers together in our yard.