This month in the store:

This month’s event will be our 8 Year Anniversary Celebration!! This is an Open House Event on May 4th from 5-7PM with refreshments, special promotions, and our sincere gratitude!

Mother’s Day- Happy Mother’s Day to all you strong, loving, and inspirational Mothers- enjoy yourday!

Memorial Day- We do always offer a Military Discount as a way to say thank you to all who have served or are currently serving. Thank you for all you do in keeping us safe!!

And as all your spring events approach, don’t forget we are a great stop for all of your wedding and spring gifts!


We are excited to announce that we now offer FiveStars as our loyalty program! What does this mean for you?

Since we are switching our system over to FiveStars within the upcoming months, not only will you earn rewards it will become our communication system with you. Receive a birthday coupon, earn points to redeem in the store, and get discounts right to yourphone or e-mail!

Along with the rewards, if you’d like to continue receiving our newsletters and announcements please sign-up!

How do you get started? Next time you visit us, simply ask to join our loyalty program! You can also text MEYN to 578-277 to start receiving offers! Otherwise visit Yours & Meyn Rewards Page to learn more and sign up!

We look forward to having you start earning Rewards! Happy shopping!

What’s on Mary’s mind?

“As I write this, my 21-year-old daughter is at a car race in Alabama with her Team – Her Team of mechanical engineers…and I wonder – What in the world led this young woman to be so motivated to become an engineer in the Automotive world?? Well, although she isn’t actually employed yet, she is working in an industry that she finds very exciting and thought provoking and she says – I have been surrounded by strong women in my life, from…”  Continue Reading

Tips, Tricks, & Trends


When the seasons begin to change, we begin to look for changes elsewhere in our lives – particularly in our homes. If you are looking for a quick update to your interiors, think about bringing in a new pop of color. New pillows, or a piece of artwork or even some fresh florals in a new color will completely transform your space. For your dining table, add a colorful vase or fill a vase with colorful fruit or flowers and change out your napkins. For your sofa, bring in new pillows and a new lighter weight throw blanket. On your side tables, add some colorful beads or a new picture frame. Even for those with a neutral palette, just a candle in a really bright color will make a big difference. Wherever you choose to add your new color, make it big and bold. The seasons they are a-changing, and so should we.

Karen Kravits
Y&M Interior Designer


Styling a Vessel
  1. Find a vessel/container you love!
  2. Choose a color scheme (all greens, colorful, monochromatic, etc.)
  3. Find 3-5 different florals (stems, picks, blooms, succulents, etc.)
  4. Be sure to have varying sizes and height to add dimension. Adding trailing vines that spill over the edge gives great dimension and depth, too!
  5. Play with the arrangement until it is pleasing to your eye.
  6. Enjoy- if you ever have questions or need any assistance with your arrangements be sure to stop by the store!