May is typically a pretty remarkable month. May 2020 will go down in history as the one where everything was different and yet the same. We have graduations, weddings, and Mother’s Day and we have 10 Year Anniversary celebrations. We have school years ending, teacher appreciation, proms and so much more. And yes, NOT one of these things will be celebrated like we normally do; however, we will celebrate them all.

The Meyn family has so much to celebrate that I thought I would share a few of these big days with you this month and then give a big shout out to all of the moms out there that do so much for all of us, every day. And if you don’t have a mom to hug, even virtually, anymore…that’s all the more reason for the rest of you to really celebrate big this year.

There are a few really big days for the Meyns, and I don’t want one to overshadow the other, so here they are by ‘birth order’: our daughter Catherine is graduating with her MBA- our son Davis turned 21- and Y&M turned 10 years old. I would say that is a big month for us!

As a mom, I could not be prouder of our daughter. She has worked hard every day of her schooling since she was literally in 2-year-old preschool. Back then, the teachers suggested she may be ADHD (I said what 2-year-old isn’t??), andwe turned her attention to learning and discipline. Apparently, those lessons took hold, because she has shown that discipline every day as she finishes up her 5th year of college with both an ME undergrad and MBA. Yep, she does NOT take after her mom.

Davis celebrated his 11th birthday at the old store the week we grand opened, and now he turned 21 in Quarantine on the Monday of finals week. Dang, that poor boy just really knows how to party! LOL. BUT, he did not complain once, in fact he was all smiles for his ZOOM parties on his 21st. And we were able to celebrate his first (wink-wink) alcoholic beverage with him at home! It was a fun night! We were thankful we were able to be with him.

Our 10-Year Anniversary celebration has been cool, just not as cool as we had initially planned. There was going to be cake (and I do love a good cake) and hopefully many of you stopping into the store to say hi. Obviously, that did not happen. We were, however, able to celebrate with a virtual party that was well attended and great fun! Even with all my technical difficulties, rewinds, etc., the biggest miss of the night was when I skipped the part where I thank my husband and 2 children for being a huge part of this business. So, thank you Bob, Catherine, and Davis for allowing me to realize my dream of designing homes, and being a part of our wonderful community.

And, we can’t forget our moms (it is almost Mother’s Day, after all)! Moms have been the shining stars of quarantine. They’ve become chefs, teachers, entertainers, psychologists, and kicked butt in this new version of working at whatever their job may be. There was no training for quarantine and all us moms out there have done the absolute best.

Here are some of the wonderful things (that we can all probably accredit to the moms involved) that I have seen being shared this past month that have shown moms are the duct tape holding our families together. .

I have seen more birthday banners outside, more outdoor PE classes in backyards and the streets, I have seen kids throwing balls in the streets. Awesome! I have seen groceries being brought to the elderly. I have seen nurses and doctors heading into the hospital, and other staff walking out. Not all these people were moms, but I can guarantee that everyone of those people have a mom.

This month celebrations are all going to look very different, the celebrating will take a new look, however the memories are created; the zoom parties, the car parades, the virtual hugs will still be shared with your favorite people (even if you rotated family members for Quarantine 2.0)

So, raise a glass to celebrate all that life has to celebrate. And I hope to see and hug you all soon, and not just virtually. Until then, be well. Be safe. Be strong for yourself and for your community, we need every one of us to get through this successfully.