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Your family is unique, so shouldn’t your home be a reflection of YOU?

HOME by Y&M is the continuation of 30+ years of HOME endeavors for owner Mary Meyn. From the Home building business of Illinois, to the Design and Retail Stores of Crystal Lake Illinois and Louisville Colorado, Mary’s creative mind won’t stop. This new transition to the Tampa area, allows her talents to “grow” back to her first true love of building and remodeling HOMES.

Our history is long and each step in the process has been a blessing of success that has seen dozens of women grow, along with Mary. From her first custom home, redesigns of model homes, to the opening of her first retail store, Yours & Meyn, Simply Designed in 2010, Mary has continued her dream of creating beautiful homes and spaces for hundreds of clients. Mary’s unique collections of design merchandise made her shop- THE place to acquire some of the most remarkable HOME accessories and furnishings.

An array of beautifully designed or remodeled homes has presented a culmination of a lifetime for Mary…and she isn’t stopping there. Follow Mary’s latest designs & inspiration, and see  what makes HOME by Y&M so special.

Mary Meyn
Mary Meyn
“Home” is what Mary Meyn has spent a lifetime doing; Building homes, remodeling homes, designing and decorating homes.

“Mary’s unique design style and trend-setting abilities blend seamlessly with timeless designs.”

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